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Skamper Ramp Regular - to 45 lb.

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Product Description

Skamper-Ramp® Regular Size

Skamper Ramp in Action

Skamper Ramp Video - Why Skamper Ramp

Skamper Ramp Video - Train your dog to use Skamper Ramp

Skamper-Ramp® was invented as a KISS (Keep It Simple Solution) to an age-old problem - prevention of animal waterskr4 drowning - and now matter how the ramp evolves it will always serve that purpose.

The blowmolded Skamper-Ramp (SKR4), new in 2009, was developed in response to consumer requests for a ramp that functions for emergency use as well as for frequent use. This version is stronger, ideal for vinyl lined pools because it is manufactured using a process that makes sure there are no sharp fabricated edges, easier to assemble, less slippery, more aesthetically pleasing, and more functional, all because of the change in forming method!

These are significant improvements to the original Skamper-Ramp (SKR1) which was developed strictly for infrequent use as a means of providing emergency escape from water entrapmentpossum for small animals and pets.

The plastics that are used for all Skamper-Ramps will not yellow, become scummy, grow barnacles, or mildew/algae when left in water (salt water, fresh water, pool water...). Skamper-Ramps always have been, and always will be, made completely from recyclable materials. Skamper-Ramps are lightweight with excellent strength-to-weight ratios, low-cost, and simple. The ramp braces to the vertical side of the pool, walled pond, stock tank or water trough to prevent unwanted wild animals from drowning as well as pets!

Because all living beings see white, animals can see it day or night and, even if they can't use a step (ducklings, snakes, baby possums), they can "skamper" out of the water on the ramp by themselves!

Specs and Facts - For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click on the link.

SKR4-Skamper-Ramp - is blowmolded, white, chemical- and UV-resistant, recyclable polyethylene. Still lightweight, it is much more robust and its three parts snap together for the easiest possible assembly. It comes with rope, stainless steel D-ring clips, and nylon washers for attachment. This ramp is designed for frequent use and emergency escape - small to mid-sized pets and most wild animals - as well as emergency use. Particularly useful for vinyl-lined pools and multi-pet households with smaller pets.

SKR4 Weights and Measurements
Skamper-Ramp® - SKR4: 4.0 lbs(1.8 kgs) boxed and 2.75 lbs(1.25 kgs) when assembled at 25" x 13" x 7"

Designed for animals up to 45 pounds


SKR4 Skamper-Ramp Assembly Instructions - assembly instructions

Attachment for all Skamper-Ramps:
For detailed original Skamper-Ramp (SKR4) and Super Skamper Ramp (SKR3) versions assembly instructions, click on the link.

We suggest attaching the ramp to the pool's deck by bolting (if wood) or sinking an anchor (stone, poured, etc) to hold the stainless steel D-ring-clips and rope provided. The ramps have a knot tied as close to the ramp surface as possible in order to maintain its orientation and not slip along the rope.

The only additional part you will need and must purchase separately is the 1/4" stainless stell pan-head screw about 1.25" long (and concrete anchor) required for your pool deck surface.

Some people choose to use existing railings, pool cover anchors, or water leveler covers, rather than drilling into their deck. In this case, be sure the rope tie-downs are not spread much farther apart than the width of the ramp for optimal performance.

The ramp should float/hang in the water at an angle that is approximately 30-degrees below horizontal so that the ramp's round "nose" is submerged by a few inches.

There are two sets of holes in the ramp for threading the rope through, in order to have a snug fit to the wall (including under a deep coping, such as with a steel sided vinyl wall.)

In the case of coping/an overhanging deck, be sure to rethread the rope through the holes below the logo, in order to pull the ramp snugly under the overhang, and close to the pool wall.

Lead-plug or stainless steel anchors with non-rusting screws are suggested for poured/solid decks; non-rusting bolts and nuts with a lock washer are suggested for hollow decks. Customers should check with their pool service company if they are unsure what method to use!


Please refer to our return policy found within our Help page.

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